Sunday, July 31, 2011

Are YOU ready for 'Ard Boyz?

Stores around the country will host the preliminary round of the three-tiered and notorious 40K ARD BOYZ tournament on August 13th! Ours is at the Hobbytown USA in Fort Collins, CO. Registration starts at ten, and the dice start rolling at 12:30! For more information, check out the Official Games Workshop Ard Boyz Site. We hope to see you there, and we expect a pretty large group of folks down from Laramie, WY too. Oh yeah...IT'S FREE. But that isn't the real reason for this article. This is to prepare you.

First things first. Is your army prepared? Painting is optional, so whatever...but is everything WYSIWYG in your list? Are all your dudes completely built, and not just legs on bases (this has happened)? Do you have at least a tray if not a display board?

Next, do you have legible, accurate copies (four of them) of your army? This is one for you, and one for each round's opponent. Heck, you may as well bring five just in case.

So, 'Ard Boyz is...ummm...'Ard. Your opponent will be playing to kill the living shit out of you, and you should be playing the same way. But, as the Wheaton's Law goes, "Don't Be a Dick". Brush up on your tournament etiquette. Brush up on your teeth. Go read this article by Crimson Wraith . Show up early for registration. Show up early for your rounds. Smile.

Know your list. Memorize your statlines. Know your list. Know your list. Why so much stress on this?

BECAUSE YOU WILL HAVE TO PLAY INCREDIBLY FAST. 2,500 points is a big game, in a limited time. Judges will be looking for slow play, even if there's no soft scoring. Also, opponents can still shank you with a sharpened fork after hours in the dark place behind the trash can. If you haven't played a "chess clock" style game of 40K at this or any points level, now is a good time to practice.

Oh yeah. Have you practiced? Before you go dumping your 2,500 point theoretically indestructible footdar list into top level tourney play, you might want to test it out a few times. Or a lot of times. Hell, 'Ard Boyz is only two weeks might want to get started.

So what are you bringing to 'Ard Boyz? Give away all your precious tech on THE FORUMS!