Sunday, March 17, 2013

Two Week Single Miniature Painting Challenge!!!

IMAG0722 Two weeks ago, five of us, Shaffer, Patrick, Dave, Nate, and myself all threw in some money for a box of old Space Marine wanna be miniatures. There were four basic marines and a sergeant in the box. There were also several special weapons. Shaffer took the sergeant and the rest of us divided up the special weapons. In the end, nobody used the special weapons, and I believe I alone even bothered to paint them. After two weeks we brought in the models and had them judged by a non-gamer and a gamer on whose was the best painted. I won unanimously with my lightning marine, with Shaffer coming in second with his sergeant with some OSL from a power weapon. The above picture doesn't really do them justice, but they are on display in the case at Hobby Town Fort Collins, back by the darts. You all should come on down a take a look, and why not come on a Saturday and stay for some games in the basement.

Hope to see you there.