Sunday, February 27, 2011

Confessions of a Brushlicker - WHY to paint your models!

Take a cursory search of Ye Olde Internet and you can find thousands of articles, videos, and blog posts with instructions for painting models for miniature wargaming. Whether you want to learn OSL, zenithal lighting, blending, layering, airbrushing...the list is endless...the information is out there. Lots of people are trying to show you techniques for improving your paint jobs or shortcuts when you are banging out those 50 Ork Boyz. There's plenty of HOW. Let's talk about WHY.

Why should you paint your models?

Of course we gamers are always tweaking lists, cooking something up, or testing

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gaming is back!

The dice were rolling today. Even without extended gaming, the place was hopping. I showed up late, around 3:30, but there were two games of Fantasy going and a four player game of 40K. In the past couple weeks gaming has really returned, with all kinds of people, both new and old, but a lot of new, showing up and grabbing a pick up game.
Next week will be the Feast of Blades, which I am apparently running. That will likely take a few tables, but hopefully we will still have room for some open tables. I plan to do set up and will do what I can to set a table aside for just that. Also, though the event will come first, I would also be willing to throw down, provided my opponent realizes I will be eyes on the tournament.
The next few weeks look to be busy, with the top two players going on to the Feast of Blades final, a new Warmachine/Hordes league starting, and a new site and forum to give a run through the ringer. Please, don't be discouraged by the new league, as I know the last one(Fantasy) took over the club and the play area. I will not be participating as a player, though I might be helping to run things, and will be devoting my time to 40k and Fantasy, and if things go right some Malifaux.
So, drop by, get a game, beat me into submission.
Oh, and the Tau are back, baby!

CW, rollin' dice.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Welcome to the new site!!

Hello, knights and visitors all!

Welcome to, the new home for the Knights of the Gaming Table.  Have a look around and let us know what you think.  The hobzob site was fine, but we felt like a change was necessary in order to grow the club and get ready for some big plans we have.  Your moderators here as well as on the forums are:

Crimson Wraith (Allan)
Monkey (Dylan)
Dark Brotherhood (Michael)

Have a look at the forums with the link below the page title, or here:

Let us know if there is any content from the hobzob site that you really need moved over, and we'll see what we can do!

Feast of Blades

Feast of Blades is fast approaching. Time for us to show Colorado what we got. This is the banner we are fighting for. But its more than that. Its a chance for Colorado gamers to become a statewide community. So get ready to represent!
All info can be found here:Feast of Blades

Besides... the dice are cool.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tournament Etiquette

We all know how we should play a pick up game or a friendly game at the local club. We even know what to do in a tourney prep game. But I see a lot of the same poor behavior at the few tournaments I have been to, as well as, heard about on-line and other places. I wanted to create a short list of these bad habits and how we might all improve on them. These aren't 40k or Fantasy items, but rather things I think could be used in any tournament, or even beyond, in any game setting. So, if you want to see my thoughts, and hopefully use them to improve your opponents experience, then please read on.