Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gaming is back!

The dice were rolling today. Even without extended gaming, the place was hopping. I showed up late, around 3:30, but there were two games of Fantasy going and a four player game of 40K. In the past couple weeks gaming has really returned, with all kinds of people, both new and old, but a lot of new, showing up and grabbing a pick up game.
Next week will be the Feast of Blades, which I am apparently running. That will likely take a few tables, but hopefully we will still have room for some open tables. I plan to do set up and will do what I can to set a table aside for just that. Also, though the event will come first, I would also be willing to throw down, provided my opponent realizes I will be eyes on the tournament.
The next few weeks look to be busy, with the top two players going on to the Feast of Blades final, a new Warmachine/Hordes league starting, and a new site and forum to give a run through the ringer. Please, don't be discouraged by the new league, as I know the last one(Fantasy) took over the club and the play area. I will not be participating as a player, though I might be helping to run things, and will be devoting my time to 40k and Fantasy, and if things go right some Malifaux.
So, drop by, get a game, beat me into submission.
Oh, and the Tau are back, baby!

CW, rollin' dice.

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