Sunday, January 29, 2012

Iron Man Painting 4: Genghiscon 2012

Well, another one down. After 25+ hours of painting in one weekend, we can put another Iron Man to bed. Paint was flying, smack was talked, and movies were watched. A good time was had by all.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Knights' Chronicles

Last weekends action saw Fantasy return to the tables. Dwarves versus Tomb Kings and High Elves versus Skaven. Dwarves and High Elves won. Tomb Kings cried like a ***** and rage quit. It also saw a Malifaux Demo in preparation for the upcoming league.
The event of the night, however, was Munchkin Zombies! It was a 6 player fight to the finish. Well, 5 players, one kinda fell behind. At the end, it was just a matter of who tried to fight a Zombie first, because the next player would win. And the next player was DB.

Don't forget, next weekend is the Iron Man Painting Competition for Genghiscon 2012!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

KOGT Shirt...first look.

What have we here?  Are we going legit or something?  This is the finalized shirt design from Ghengis forward.  Shirts are going to be $20, with profit going to terrain repair.  Get over to the PREORDER THREAD and get your size and quantity in.  And tell that designer guy how much of a badass he is.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Knights' Chronicles

Another week down at the Hobby Town. The name of the game this week was Puppet Wars. I managed to rope people into not one, but two four player games of Puppet Wars. Being my first games as well, I found it very enjoyable, and can see where players can come up with the rotten combos. I think I will stick with the random draw method, just to keep things kinda under control.
Puppet Wars was not the only game related activities this last weekend, many players from Dark Heresy levels up their characters in prep for the Badab sector. Though Deathwatch didn't happen, there was plenty of talk about Dark Heresy.
Next week looks to be a Fantasy Malifaux prep fest with players for both Genghiscon events trying to get games in. And the week after that is the painting competition, so get those models ready, cause I am bringing the heat.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Knights' Chronicles

Wow, no pictures, shocker. Anyway, apparently people actually read this, because before I arrived it was packed! When I showed up around 7ish, pretty empty, but chairs everywhere.
There was some Dark Heresy to be had, though. And had it was! In one game session, we gained 5! levels. That's not exactly how it went down, be we did have an awesome climax to our current mission. A daemon was banished, killing or prideful inquisitor in the process. After discovering some alien technology we begin a ten year investigation to get to the bottom of the of the alien involvement.
We are now able to fit in with our Space Marines and have almost completed our respective career choice.
I have to say, I am super excited. And the Scum pay scale isn't as awesome as it might appear.
See you all this Saturday.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Knights' Chronicles

Ooooo, a fancy new title. Well, a new title anyway. Not a lot of activity these last two holiday weekends. Mostly just Troy and I throwing down a game of Tau versus Nids. I won both. Morally. A couple of people we don't see often even stopped by yesterday to say hi. I ran out of time to play Scott some Malifaux, I think Troy was slow playing. Jack also dropped by, I think to see if the club still lived. We informed him it did, so hopefully we will see both in the coming weeks. I still owe Scott a rematch and hopefully I will be able to get Ramos on the field.
I won't be there during the day next Saturday, but I will get a Dark Heresy update posted. No, I didn't stutter, Heresy, not Deathwatch. Yay!
Till then, may the Dice Gods give you nothing but 6's. Except on leadership, cause that would SUCK.