Sunday, January 1, 2012

Knights' Chronicles

Ooooo, a fancy new title. Well, a new title anyway. Not a lot of activity these last two holiday weekends. Mostly just Troy and I throwing down a game of Tau versus Nids. I won both. Morally. A couple of people we don't see often even stopped by yesterday to say hi. I ran out of time to play Scott some Malifaux, I think Troy was slow playing. Jack also dropped by, I think to see if the club still lived. We informed him it did, so hopefully we will see both in the coming weeks. I still owe Scott a rematch and hopefully I will be able to get Ramos on the field.
I won't be there during the day next Saturday, but I will get a Dark Heresy update posted. No, I didn't stutter, Heresy, not Deathwatch. Yay!
Till then, may the Dice Gods give you nothing but 6's. Except on leadership, cause that would SUCK.

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