Monday, January 16, 2012

Knights' Chronicles

Another week down at the Hobby Town. The name of the game this week was Puppet Wars. I managed to rope people into not one, but two four player games of Puppet Wars. Being my first games as well, I found it very enjoyable, and can see where players can come up with the rotten combos. I think I will stick with the random draw method, just to keep things kinda under control.
Puppet Wars was not the only game related activities this last weekend, many players from Dark Heresy levels up their characters in prep for the Badab sector. Though Deathwatch didn't happen, there was plenty of talk about Dark Heresy.
Next week looks to be a Fantasy Malifaux prep fest with players for both Genghiscon events trying to get games in. And the week after that is the painting competition, so get those models ready, cause I am bringing the heat.

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