Monday, July 2, 2012

Welcome to 6th edition 40K

Alright, I have four games under my belt, all 1000 points, with all three of my armies. All I gotta say is "Awesome!"
Three of my four games were a blast. The other was a test game for CSM and the new psychic powers. The game was fun, but my test list versus Nabors' beat face list(yes I said Nabors and beat face) not a blast. His overwatch eating my everything didn't really help. Once I got my termies stuck in, though, the fun definitely increased.
As far as the rules, I just finished USRs, but so far, looks good. A bunch of small changes that I know I am going to get stuck on, but mostly the same.
I'm already making a list of rules I played wrong over the weekend, but luckily, there weren't that many.

ICs can't be singled out in combat save for a challenge
Wound allocation is fairly simple, but makes placement much more strategic
Some more that aren't coming to mind.

A few changes I'm not a fan of, but those are all on how they effect what I play.
I still don't get how I get psychic powers.
And why the heck did they take the Target Lock off of my suits?

So, what is everyone else's thoughts?