Monday, December 19, 2011

State of the club

I run "state of" articles over on my blog, and got to thinking I could do something similar here. I will likely change the name, but these articles will be a bit of a chronicle of the going ons for the club.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Feast of Blades list submission

The Feast guys are requiring list submission by October 24 for 40K. Be sure to get them in!
More info at

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Frontline Gamer's fantastic GW rant!

So, I've been at this for awhile.  I am a card carrying GW fanboy, but also a bit of a Grognard.  It is nearly a truism that we elder statesmen of the hobby rant and complain about Games Workshop while clutching our mid '90s White Dwarfs to our chest and continuing to shell out hundreds of dollars on little plastic mens while cursing under our breath.  Nothing I've read in quite a while (or perhaps ever) better summarizes why this happens more than this fantastic article from Frontline Gamer.  It is so good that I pretty much auto added him to our blog roll.  The article is about Games Workshop, the state of the hobby, and what was so glorious then, and so wrong now about GW.

For newbs and veterans alike...if you care about the hobby, or are just curious why us old guys are always complaining:


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What is a 'Fun Game'?

This is not a dissertation on why Malifaux is better than 40K or Warhammer or Warmahordes or Infinity or ... It is, but that's not what this is about. This is more of an open discussion on the difference between a 'fun' and a 'competitive' game. This all stems from a game of Malifaux I played against a player I would consider almost over competitive. He also makes it a point to tell everyone he only really likes to play 'fun games.' During our game he was getting a little over watchful of the distance I was moving, I was pretty sure I was short, but the threat I would pose would be enough. In the end I was short, but he had made it a thing, he said something about a 'fun game' and I said he had never played one. We worked it out that our definitions differed of 'fun game.' It led me to wonder if others also saw it differently.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Brother Condon Laments the SOB

Special Guest and veteran Witch Hunter Brother Condon is here with his thoughts on the White Dwarf Codex!

So I dont know if anybody has had the chance to check out the new SoB white dwarf codex, but... damn it sucks! Coming from a long time Witch Hunter player, let me just say.... SERIOUSLY?!!!?!! Just to clarify that I am not a total idiot, I wasn't expecting another Grey Knights 'dex out of a White Dwarf release, but I was expecting something written to at least succeed in the current 5th edition environment. There are a few neat "Gems" of coolness in this book, swimming in a olympic size swimming pool of mediocre! Lets start with the few neat things there are (because it will take less time).

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Iron Man 8 in the bag.

22 hours of painting and 136 models and Ironman Painter once again draws to a close. First went to Troy with his combo 'Nid Lizardman gambit, second to Chad's purity Grey Night force, and third went to the Tau/CSM alliance of Allan. A lot of beautiful models came out and everyone got closer to ready for Tacticon or whatever they are headed to next.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Iron Man Painting Challenge 3!

Next Saturday, August 27th, Hobbytown Fort Collins and the Knights of the Gaming Table will host its 3rd IRON MAN PAINTING CHALLENGE! Iron Man is a two day event where participants attempt to paint as many models as they can or crank out the highest quality minis they can or both! It is a grueling, brush-hand-cramping marathon of painterliness, and there are prizes!

How does it work? Simply, starting Saturday morning at the 10 am check-in time, bring in your $7.00 entry fee (which pays for refreshments and stuff) and as many unpainted models as you like. Throughout the day until 2 a.m., paint like the wind! Then it starts all over again Sunday morning, from 10 - 4, with judging to follow.

Models may be assembled and primed at check-in, but can have no other paint on them in order to qualify for entry (colored primer is acceptable). The event is judged on a sliding scale between quality of models painted and quantity, so three amazing models can beat 40 three-color slopped together dudes, if they are good enough!

You'll laugh, you'll cry, your hand will fall off. See you there!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

'Ard Boyz in the bag

It is over! 8 players walked in, 8 players walked out... BUT 1 of them was a winner. Collin what an early face stomping can do when you get to the top table. When the dust cleared, Troy led by but a few points on table 1, not near enough to bring down Collin's lead. Collins took first, Troy second. It was a good day, with hard fought battles. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Here are some pictures of the days event.

Next, on to Tacticon!

More event pictures after the break!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Apocalypse 7-30-11

We just had our second Apocalypse game on the new fifth week schedule, and it was awesome!
Tau won of course, let's face it, they are just TOO awesome.
Here are the shots:
The Tau, Grey Knights, and Space Marines

Dual 'Nids

And the Imperial Guard in the middle.(I'm sure they will be fine *smirk*)

The Tyranids went full offensive, with twin attack of a horde crossing the bridge intent on IG blood and a deep striking force coming up on the far conglomerate table for points. IG set up for a pure defensive stance, hoping to stop any forces from making from one side of their territory to the other. The Tau and Space Marines set a defensive force in their territory while sending elements deep striking along with the entire Grey Knights deep into the Tyranid zone. In the end, while heavily depleted in their home zone, the combined force was able to win the day. IG made a strong showing, stopping all foot traffic, and holding their own table. The Tyranids left dead enemies strewn across all three tables. Thank goodness it wasn't kill points.

See you all at the next one in October!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Are YOU ready for 'Ard Boyz?

Stores around the country will host the preliminary round of the three-tiered and notorious 40K ARD BOYZ tournament on August 13th! Ours is at the Hobbytown USA in Fort Collins, CO. Registration starts at ten, and the dice start rolling at 12:30! For more information, check out the Official Games Workshop Ard Boyz Site. We hope to see you there, and we expect a pretty large group of folks down from Laramie, WY too. Oh yeah...IT'S FREE. But that isn't the real reason for this article. This is to prepare you.

First things first. Is your army prepared? Painting is optional, so whatever...but is everything WYSIWYG in your list? Are all your dudes completely built, and not just legs on bases (this has happened)? Do you have at least a tray if not a display board?

Next, do you have legible, accurate copies (four of them) of your army? This is one for you, and one for each round's opponent. Heck, you may as well bring five just in case.

So, 'Ard Boyz is...ummm...'Ard. Your opponent will be playing to kill the living shit out of you, and you should be playing the same way. But, as the Wheaton's Law goes, "Don't Be a Dick". Brush up on your tournament etiquette. Brush up on your teeth. Go read this article by Crimson Wraith . Show up early for registration. Show up early for your rounds. Smile.

Know your list. Memorize your statlines. Know your list. Know your list. Why so much stress on this?

BECAUSE YOU WILL HAVE TO PLAY INCREDIBLY FAST. 2,500 points is a big game, in a limited time. Judges will be looking for slow play, even if there's no soft scoring. Also, opponents can still shank you with a sharpened fork after hours in the dark place behind the trash can. If you haven't played a "chess clock" style game of 40K at this or any points level, now is a good time to practice.

Oh yeah. Have you practiced? Before you go dumping your 2,500 point theoretically indestructible footdar list into top level tourney play, you might want to test it out a few times. Or a lot of times. Hell, 'Ard Boyz is only two weeks might want to get started.

So what are you bringing to 'Ard Boyz? Give away all your precious tech on THE FORUMS!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

GW Price Changes On The Way

So...EVEN MORE GW price increases are on the way,and with the Finecast price increases this looks like a pretty even 15% or so price increase to the hobby across the board. Hrm...Anyhoo, here are the new prices straight from the retailer email.

Product Old New Increase
SPACE MARINE SCOUT BIKE $12.00 $15.00 25.00%
VAMPIRE COUNTS GRAVE GUARD $33.00 $41.25 25.00%
LIZARDMEN TEMPLE GUARD $33.00 $41.25 25.00%
BLACK ORCS $33.00 $41.25 25.00%
BATTLEFLEET GOTHIC ARMADA $40.00 $49.50 23.75%
WARHAMMER 40K BASING KIT $20.00 $24.75 23.75%
SPACE MARINE BATTLEFORCE $90.00 $110.00 22.22%
TAU BATTLEFORCE $90.00 $110.00 22.22%
BRETONNIAN PEGASUS KNIGHT $15.00 $18.25 21.67%
MORANNON ORCS $27.25 $33.00 21.10%
RANGERS OF MIDDLE EARTH $27.25 $33.00 21.10%
CORSAIRS OF UMBAR $27.25 $33.00 21.10%
DWARF WARRIORS $27.25 $33.00 21.10%
DWARF RANGERS $27.25 $33.00 21.10%
ARMY OF THE DEAD $27.25 $33.00 21.10%
WARRIORS OF THE LAST ALLIANCE $27.25 $33.00 21.10%
MORIA GOBLINS $27.25 $33.00 21.10%
THE FIGHTING URUK-HAI $27.25 $33.00 21.10%
WARRIORS OF ROHAN $27.25 $33.00 21.10%
WARRIORS OF MINAS TIRITH $27.25 $33.00 21.10%
MORDOR ORCS $27.25 $33.00 21.10%
WARRIORS OF HARAD $27.25 $33.00 21.10%
EASTERLINGS $27.25 $33.00 21.10%
WOOD ELVES $27.25 $33.00 21.10%
URUK-HAI SCOUTS $27.25 $33.00 21.10%
CHAOS KNIGHTS $24.75 $29.75 20.20%
DARK ELF COLD ONE KNIGHTS $24.75 $29.75 20.20%
NECROMUNDA UNDERHIVE $41.25 $49.50 20.00%
EPIC ARMAGEDDON $41.25 $49.50 20.00%
ELDAR FALCON GRAV TANK $41.25 $49.50 20.00%
IMPERIAL GUARD SENTINEL $25.00 $30.00 20.00%
TYRANID WARRIORS $35.00 $42.00 20.00%
LIZARDMEN STEGADON $41.25 $49.50 20.00%
EMPIRE GENERAL $22.25 $26.50 19.10%
ORC WARBOSS $22.25 $26.50 19.10%
HIGH ELF PRINCE AND NOBLE $22.25 $26.50 19.10%
HIGH ELF ARCHMAGE AND MAGE $22.25 $26.50 19.10%
UNIFORMS & HERALDRY OF THE SKAVEN (ENG) $24.75 $29.00 17.17%
ORK BOYZ MOB $24.75 $29.00 17.17%
TYRANID HORMAGAUNT BROOD $24.75 $29.00 17.17%
TYRANID TERMAGANT BROOD $24.75 $29.00 17.17%
DARK ELDAR WYCHES $24.75 $29.00 17.17%
BLOODLETTERS OF KHORNE $24.75 $29.00 17.17%
DAEMONETTES OF SLAANESH $24.75 $29.00 17.17%
PINK HORRORS OF TZEENTCH $24.75 $29.00 17.17%
TYRANID TRYGON/MAWLOC $49.50 $57.75 16.67%
NECRON BATTLEFORCE $90.00 $105.00 16.67%
LIZARDMEN BATTALION $90.00 $105.00 16.67%
GOBLIN REGIMENT $30.00 $35.00 16.67%
FOREST GOBLIN SPIDER RIDERS $30.00 $35.00 16.67%
NIGHT GOBLINS $30.00 $35.00 16.67%
DARK ELF BATTALION $90.00 $105.00 16.67%
OGRE KINGDOMS GNOBLARS $30.00 $35.00 16.67%
OGRE KINGDOMS BATTALION $90.00 $105.00 16.67%
BALROG $50.00 $57.75 15.50%
CODEX DARK ANGELS $29.00 $33.00 13.79%
CODEX SPACE WOLVES $29.00 $33.00 13.79%
CODEX BLOOD ANGELS $29.00 $33.00 13.79%
CODEX CHAOS SPACE MARINES $29.00 $33.00 13.79%
CODEX ORKS $29.00 $33.00 13.79%
CODEX ELDAR $29.00 $33.00 13.79%
CODEX IMPERIAL GUARD $29.00 $33.00 13.79%
CODEX TYRANIDS $29.00 $33.00 13.79%
CODEX GREY KNIGHTS (ENGLISH) $29.00 $33.00 13.79%
CODEX DARK ELDAR (ENGLISH) $29.00 $33.00 13.79%
CODEX CHAOS DAEMONS $29.00 $33.00 13.79%
WARRIORS OF CHAOS ARMY BOOK $29.00 $33.00 13.79%
EMPIRE ARMY BOOK $29.00 $33.00 13.79%
BRETONNIAN ARMY BOOK $29.00 $33.00 13.79%
WOOD ELVES ARMY BOOK $29.00 $33.00 13.79%
DWARF ARMY BOOK $29.00 $33.00 13.79%
SKAVEN ARMY BOOK ENGLISH $29.00 $33.00 13.79%
VAMPIRE COUNTS ARMY BOOK $29.00 $33.00 13.79%
LIZARDMEN ARMY BOOK $29.00 $33.00 13.79%
HIGH ELF ARMY BOOK $29.00 $33.00 13.79%
DARK ELVES ARMY BOOK $29.00 $33.00 13.79%
OGRE KINGDOMS ARMY BOOK $29.00 $33.00 13.79%
DAEMONS OF CHAOS ARMY BOOK $29.00 $33.00 13.79%
BEASTMEN ARMY BOOK $29.00 $33.00 13.79%
KHORNE BESERKERS $33.00 $37.25 12.88%
ELDAR DIRE AVENGERS $33.00 $37.25 12.88%
CODEX BLACK TEMPLARS $22.00 $24.75 12.50%
CODEX NECRONS $22.00 $24.75 12.50%
CODEX TAU EMPIRE $22.00 $24.75 12.50%
CHAOS MARAUDER HORSEMEN $22.00 $24.75 12.50%
EMPIRE PISTOLIERS $22.00 $24.75 12.50%
SPACE MARINE VINDICATOR $44.50 $49.50 11.24%
SPACE MARINE PREDATOR $44.50 $49.50 11.24%
SPACE MARINE WHIRLWIND $44.50 $49.50 11.24%
CHAOS SPACE MARINE PREDATOR $44.50 $49.50 11.24%
TAU XV8 CRISIS BATTLESUIT $22.25 $24.75 11.24%
TAU HAMMERHEAD $44.50 $49.50 11.24%
TAU SKYRAY $44.50 $49.50 11.24%
EMPIRE BATTLE WIZARDS $22.25 $24.75 11.24%
SPACE MARINE COMBAT SQUAD $22.50 $25.00 11.11%
SPACE MARINE SCOUTS $22.50 $25.00 11.11%
SPACE WOLVES BATTLEFORCE $90.00 $100.00 11.11%
ORK BATTLEFORCE $90.00 $100.00 11.11%
WARRIORS OF CHAOS BATTALION $90.00 $100.00 11.11%
DWARF CANNON $22.50 $25.00 11.11%
DWARF BATTALION $90.00 $100.00 11.11%
VAMPIRE COUNTS BATTALION $90.00 $100.00 11.11%
SPACE MARINES ASSAULT SQUAD $29.75 $33.00 10.92%
WARHAMMER ARMIES ORCS & GOBLINS $37.25 $41.25 10.74%
WARHAMMER: TOMB KINGS (ENGLISH) $37.25 $41.25 10.74%
CADIAN HEAVY WEAPON SQUAD $35.00 $38.75 10.71%
CATACHAN HEAVY WEAPON SQUAD $35.00 $38.75 10.71%
ORCS AND GOBLINS BATTALION $95.00 $105.00 10.53%
ASSAULT ON BLACK REACH (ENGLISH) $90.00 $99.00 10.00%
CODEX SPACE MARINES $30.00 $33.00 10.00%
WARMASTER RULEBOOK $45.00 $49.50 10.00%
INQUISITOR RULEBOOK $45.00 $49.50 10.00%
ORK GRETCHIN $15.00 $16.50 10.00%
TYRANID CARNIFEX $45.00 $49.50 10.00%
AEGIS DEFENCE LINE $22.50 $24.75 10.00%
URBAN BARRICADES AND WALLS $20.00 $22.00 10.00%
GIANT $45.00 $49.50 10.00%
WARHAMMER FORTRESS $90.00 $99.00 10.00%
EMPIRE BATTALION $105.00 $115.00 9.52%
SPACE MARINE LANDRAIDER $62.00 $66.00 6.45%
CHAOS SPACE MARINE DEFILER $62.00 $66.00 6.45%
ORK BATTLEWAGON $62.00 $66.00 6.45%
IMPERIAL GUARD VALKYRIE $62.00 $66.00 6.45%
NECRON MONOLITH $62.00 $66.00 6.45%
SOUL GRINDER $62.00 $66.00 6.45%
ELDAR GUARDIANS $33.00 $35.00 6.06%
SKAVEN CLANRATS $33.00 $35.00 6.06%
VAMPIRE COUNTS CORPSE CART $25.00 $26.50 6.00%
HIGH ELF CHARIOT $25.00 $26.50 6.00%
ELDAR BATTLEFORCE $90.00 $95.00 5.56%
HIGH ELF BATTALION $100.00 $105.00 5.00%
TYRANID BATTLEFORCE $105.00 $110.00 4.76%
SKAVEN BATTALION $105.00 $110.00 4.76%
SKYSHIELD LANDING PAD $39.50 $41.25 4.43%
HOW TO PAINT SPACE MARINES $29.00 $30.00 3.45%
HOW TO PAINT TANKS (ENGLISH) $29.00 $30.00 3.45%
40K TREES $8.00 $8.25 3.13%
KNIGHTS OF MINAS TIRITH $24.75 $25.50 3.03%
HARADRIM RAIDERS $25.00 $25.50 2.00%
THE RIDERS OF ROHAN $25.00 $25.50 2.00%
WARG RIDERS $25.00 $25.50 2.00%
BLOODCRUSHERS OF KHORNE $53.75 $54.50 1.40%
RUINS OF MIDDLE EARTH $19.75 $20.00 1.27%
ORK LOOTAS AND BURNAS $24.75 $25.00 1.01%
DARK ELDAR HELLIONS $24.75 $25.00 1.01%
HONOURED IMPERIUM $24.75 $25.00 1.01%
OSGILIATH RUINS $24.75 $25.00 1.01%
IMPERIAL BASTION $29.75 $30.00 0.84%
DREADSTONE BLIGHT $29.75 $30.00 0.84%
TEMPLE OF SKULLS $29.75 $30.00 0.84%

The average increase in this group is 13.2%. The new "FineCast" models are not included in this data.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Special Event News: 'Ard Boyz 2011 -40K

Knights is hosting 'Ard Boyz!

'Ard Boyz 2011 will be held August 13th, 2011. It is a 2500 point 3 round tournament. GW product support will be provided to the top 3 finishers. There are no composition or painting scores. Registration starts at 10 am. WAAAAAAAAAAGH!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Feast of Blades Con 2011

From Chandler over at

Feast of Blades 2011 dates announced!!!
We will be hosting the Feast of Blades Convention on....

November 4th, 5th, and 6th.
Location: Red Lion Hotel, North Denver I-70 and Quebec.

Yes, that is right, a whole weekend of bashing your friends (and strangers) faces in. I will post more here in the next following weeks and check in often as updates will be posted.

Feast of Blades TO

Friday, April 15, 2011

Not your father's meta!

The interwebs are full of the meta-massives. The armies and builds that are sweeping the country. And I have no fear of them!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Dark Heresy: Making a Character and Getting Started

For those of you in our immense worldwide audience unfamiliar with it, Dark Heresy is Fantasy Flight Games' roleplaying game set in the dark future of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Originally published by the venerable Black Library itself, it was licensed to FFG and the folks there have done an amazing job continuing the tradition of quality BL established. Dark Heresy is the first in a (so far) three game interchangeable system. In Dark Heresy, players take the part of an Inquisitor's retinue - charged with rooting out corruption in the Imperium and ever vigilant for the taint of the heretic, the traitor, the mutant, and the xenos.

The Art of Board Control

I have recently picked up Malifaux(who'd of guessed, right?) and I've been listening to podcasts and reading the forums, generally feeding my gamer ocd. One crew I have heard a lot about is the Dreamer. The Dreamer's main trick is burying his nightmares(basically taking them out of play), moving off somewhere else, and bringing his crew back in. There is more to it than that, but this brought up a point that I see in several games, Board Control.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Friday, April 8, 2011

Tournaments for Losers

Today I want to talk about why I started getting into tournaments.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Colorado Mini Painter's Alliance - NEW WEBSITE!

Our friends at the Colorado Miniature Painters Alliance (COMPA for short) have a new home on the interwebs!  For those of you who don't know, the COMPA is a
loose organization of painters from across the state and features some of the best miniature artists in the country; boasting such brush licking luminaries as Michael Proctor, Liliana Troy, and Jen Kaufman to name a few.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Its GO time!

Time to set your mind to the task. That guy over there, he ain't so tough. That army is unbeatable... psh, as if. That uber-unit: it's LUNCH TIME!
It's time to look at what you know, and what you think.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Upcoming Stuff

On a hunch, I tested the capabilities of our website with regards to formatting, and discovered I could just cut and paste the events calendars straight from!!
So below are a mad grip of events from the Gryphons and Stonebridge Meetups.  This is something I plan to do pretty regularly since it is so bleeping easy.  Read on, knowledge is power!

Inside Codex: Grey Knights

Okay, what do we have here?

First of all, the cover art's just okay.  I doubt it will discourage anyone from picking it up, but I am underwhelmed.  The figure foreshortening is a little odd, causing the towering might of the Emperor's final creation to look a little like chibi SD Grey Knights, but that is just an opinion.   Moving on!

The interior is gorgeous. less for any uniqueness of layout as for the illustrations within.  The illustrators really knocked it out of the park, and I wonder why a color (or even black and white!) version of the illustration on pg. 20 wasn't used as the cover.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Never say 'die'.

     At what point do you call it?  When do you say enough is enough, shake hands, and walk away?
Me? Long after I should, if at all.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tacticon 2011 Officially Announced

Alright, kiddies, Tacticon 2011 has been officially announced!

Tacticon 2011 will take place at the Red Lion Hotel in Aurora, CO September 1st-5th 2011.

Registration starts June 26th, 2011. Get those brushes out, or start crunching numbers on your supreme list! How will you spend Tacticon?

For more information go to and check out the Official Facebook Event Page!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Good things happen!

Wyrd has released a pdf version of their Rules Manual. It is available here. It isn't complete, and still doesn't have any model stats, but it should be all the core mechanics. Enjoy!

Malifaux- First Thoughts

The more I play Malifaux, the more I like it. The depth of the system is awesome. It has synergies, movement, resource management, and those flat awesome moments when you do something(or have something done to you) that just makes a table top game. I haven't played long, and have only played one real game, though even that was against a brand new player, but I like it I really do.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Painting Challenge

Yesterday, the first Feast of Blades tournament was brought a close. Gryphon's took home the banner and the honours, curse them to the nine hells. No, congratulations to Adam and to the Gryphon's club. But that's not what I want to talk about today, today I want to talk about something that I never thought would happen. I doubt I was alone in my beliefs either. What happened? What was this profound event, that may have changed the course of the universe? Well, I guess you will have to read on.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

You too can be a winner!

Everyone talks about how overpowered IG or Space Wolves are, or how weak Necrons or Tau are. Today, I'm here to tell you that you can win with any army. Will you win every tournament with that old army? Probably not. Can you win tournaments with that old army? Possibly.
!WARNING! Wall of text to follow.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Feast of Blades Qualifier

Its done. We completed the qualifier and have our Champions for the main event come March 19th. Congratulations to Troy and Charles, for they will be representing us, and bringing home the Banner. The turnout was less than we had hoped, but I think that everyone who showed up enjoyed themselves, and all the participants went home with some paint, hopefully, to bring back on some finished models.
A special thanks should go out to the two judges that came up for the painting. They took a load off myself, on having to judge everyone's stuff. It also gave everyone a taste of what to expect at the finals.

Hope to see more people at the next one in six months, when we defend our title.
CW rollin' dice.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Warmachine/Hordes Grow League Starts 3/12!

Hey Knights!  The Warmachine and Hordes Spring Grow League is approaching fast! This 12 week league (with a week off for APOCALYPSE and a week off for Feast of Blades Championships) Starts the week after Feast of Blades Qualifiers. 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Confessions of a Brushlicker - WHY to paint your models!

Take a cursory search of Ye Olde Internet and you can find thousands of articles, videos, and blog posts with instructions for painting models for miniature wargaming. Whether you want to learn OSL, zenithal lighting, blending, layering, airbrushing...the list is endless...the information is out there. Lots of people are trying to show you techniques for improving your paint jobs or shortcuts when you are banging out those 50 Ork Boyz. There's plenty of HOW. Let's talk about WHY.

Why should you paint your models?

Of course we gamers are always tweaking lists, cooking something up, or testing

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gaming is back!

The dice were rolling today. Even without extended gaming, the place was hopping. I showed up late, around 3:30, but there were two games of Fantasy going and a four player game of 40K. In the past couple weeks gaming has really returned, with all kinds of people, both new and old, but a lot of new, showing up and grabbing a pick up game.
Next week will be the Feast of Blades, which I am apparently running. That will likely take a few tables, but hopefully we will still have room for some open tables. I plan to do set up and will do what I can to set a table aside for just that. Also, though the event will come first, I would also be willing to throw down, provided my opponent realizes I will be eyes on the tournament.
The next few weeks look to be busy, with the top two players going on to the Feast of Blades final, a new Warmachine/Hordes league starting, and a new site and forum to give a run through the ringer. Please, don't be discouraged by the new league, as I know the last one(Fantasy) took over the club and the play area. I will not be participating as a player, though I might be helping to run things, and will be devoting my time to 40k and Fantasy, and if things go right some Malifaux.
So, drop by, get a game, beat me into submission.
Oh, and the Tau are back, baby!

CW, rollin' dice.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Welcome to the new site!!

Hello, knights and visitors all!

Welcome to, the new home for the Knights of the Gaming Table.  Have a look around and let us know what you think.  The hobzob site was fine, but we felt like a change was necessary in order to grow the club and get ready for some big plans we have.  Your moderators here as well as on the forums are:

Crimson Wraith (Allan)
Monkey (Dylan)
Dark Brotherhood (Michael)

Have a look at the forums with the link below the page title, or here:

Let us know if there is any content from the hobzob site that you really need moved over, and we'll see what we can do!

Feast of Blades

Feast of Blades is fast approaching. Time for us to show Colorado what we got. This is the banner we are fighting for. But its more than that. Its a chance for Colorado gamers to become a statewide community. So get ready to represent!
All info can be found here:Feast of Blades

Besides... the dice are cool.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tournament Etiquette

We all know how we should play a pick up game or a friendly game at the local club. We even know what to do in a tourney prep game. But I see a lot of the same poor behavior at the few tournaments I have been to, as well as, heard about on-line and other places. I wanted to create a short list of these bad habits and how we might all improve on them. These aren't 40k or Fantasy items, but rather things I think could be used in any tournament, or even beyond, in any game setting. So, if you want to see my thoughts, and hopefully use them to improve your opponents experience, then please read on.

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