Friday, September 2, 2011

Brother Condon Laments the SOB

Special Guest and veteran Witch Hunter Brother Condon is here with his thoughts on the White Dwarf Codex!

So I dont know if anybody has had the chance to check out the new SoB white dwarf codex, but... damn it sucks! Coming from a long time Witch Hunter player, let me just say.... SERIOUSLY?!!!?!! Just to clarify that I am not a total idiot, I wasn't expecting another Grey Knights 'dex out of a White Dwarf release, but I was expecting something written to at least succeed in the current 5th edition environment. There are a few neat "Gems" of coolness in this book, swimming in a olympic size swimming pool of mediocre! Lets start with the few neat things there are (because it will take less time).

Jacobus - Quite frankly he is a sweet HQ. For 90 points his ability to re-roll the faith point roll every turn is great combined with feel no pain, and +1 attack for an entire unit is amazing. Plus he gives you access to one unit of the only descent H2H units in the codex, the Death Cults. Allong with his impressive personal stats, and the reroll to hit on the charge, he is super solid.

Exorcist - they are back in all their glory, they still kick ass, and while some people out there might complain that the D6 shots is lame, I think the "finicky machine spirit" is one of the cool parts about it.

Dominions - Scout with a Immolator. NUPH said.

Seraphim - Pretty good unit for the cost, several neat rules that make them fun. However, compete with Dominions for FOC slot, LAME!

Special weapons - They are every where in the codex, lots of special weapons in every squad.

Ok so that wraps up the good now lets look at the bad.

Faith points - While the mechanic for pass/fail is solid and easy to use, and the different powers for different units is neat and adds individuality to the units, the fact that it doesn't scale to game size is complete trash. 1000 point game: D6 faith, 2500 points: D6 faith...........How come nobody saw this during design, and said "WTF ARE YOU DOING YOU RETARD!?!?!"

Immolators - So there are two basic things that piss me off about this tank, the first needs some set up. So we all know this codex has been waiting for an update FOREVER, and the reason it needed that update is to bring point costs and load outs into par with the 5th edit. books. So I think we can all agree that they most certainly didn't need a nerf. Well the why the hell did they remove the ability to move 12" and fire your heavy flamer? ( 1st gripe) The 2nd is in the point cost. Why the *F* is a razorback with TL heavy bolter carrying space marines 40 points, when compared to a TL heavy flamer carrying sisters for 65 ? and why is a las cannon/ TL plasma razorback 75 points and a TL Mmelta Immolator 80 ? It doesn't make any sense.

Troops - Sisters in 10 - 20 man squads. So there are several problems with this.
1st: no immolator squads for scoring units. Everyone knows that Razor spam owns the board right now so why not give the sisters a go at it? Sure you can take an immolator, and then wait until you have lost some dudes to get in, but come on!
2nd: While its cool that at 10 man you get good special/ heavy weapons options, they dont scale up at 20 man, so 2 weapons at 10 man, and 2 weapons at 20 man. DUMB!!!
3rd: With no special characters changing the Force org for the codex they are your only troop option, again LAIM!!!!
4th: And this ones a doozy! No Power fist/ eviscerators for the normal Sisters / Dominions/ Celstian squads. One melta bomb, thats the best anti walker H2H option they have, and things like Daemon Princes or TMC's, the chicks are toast no matter what. The only way to get a Eviscerator in those squads is a Priest, and thats 95 points ( or really close 70 for Priest, + 25 for Eviscerator I think).

Penitent Engines - So I love this unit, I love the models, the fluff, the idea...... but 85 points for a freaking open top AV 11 KITE? SERIOUSLY WTF. Knock Knock.... Who's There?..... Its a 40 point Killa Kan...... I hate you GW.

Overall this codex REEKS of rushed and poorly thought out units. I have to wonder if they even play tested it once, or even had any real players look at the rules prior to release. They have really written a codex that won't draw any knew players and will get several old ones ( myself included ) to pack up the army and stick a "For Sale" sign on it, but most likely it will just collect dust for another 10 years while we wait for another rules update.

P.S. I have sisters crap for sale if your interested.


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