Sunday, December 21, 2014

Back in Action

After a fairly successful Dropzone League, action returned to normal, down in the hole. We saw the return of 40K to more than one table, and there is even talk of Fantasy next week. We even went into the deep and founded a Space Marine Chapter in the late hours of the night.

So, why weren't you there? See you next week.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Brawl in the Hall - Malifaux Tournament

Ladies and Gentlemen!
Please direct your attention to the hall out side Hobby Town Fort Collins.
Behold as combatants limber up for a three round, fifty soulstone tournament.
The bell will ring at 10:30 Saturday morning, and carnage shall ensue.

Calling to all those of less gentlemanly or lady like demeanor. Care to step into my ring and face off for prizes and fun? Entry is a mere $5. Three rounds of grueling Gaining Grounds style Malifaux await you. Step up, prove you have what it takes, or slink away with your tail between your legs. You decide.

Round 1: Stake a Claim with Standard Deployment
Round 2: Turf War with Close Deployment
Round 3: Reconnoiter with Flank Deployment


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

ILR : Round 3

M: Hello, Bob.
B: Good evening, Mark.
M: Boy do we have an action packed round of Infinity bouts. After two rounds of prelims, it is time to start into the main battles. These are the one that will decide it all.
B: Indeed. The first two rounds set up the brackets, but now it is time to GET IT ON!

B: Round one pits Allan with his Aleph versus Nate with his Combined Army.
M: I don't see this one taking long, Bob.
B: Really, Mark, and why is that?
M: Because, Bob, I see Allan coming in with a good solid punch, and Nate crying a like dirty whore in the corner. Just like the one I paid last night...
B: Mark.
M: I told her her toes were ugly, and she spent the next hour sobbing a river...
B: Mark!
M: Best money I ever spent, I tell you. Why it was even better that that time...
M: What?
B: The contenders.
M: Oh, right. I think Allan has a good solid list, but has needlessly hampered himself by chaining to a small set of models. The choices are good, but the lack of change will let his opponents know what is coming.
B: I agree. And if a player is going to be able go read that list and know what to expect, in this league, it is going to be Nate. He is by far the most experienced in the system, with years of background, and I think he may have even taught some of the big wigs how to play.
M: It is quite possible, but I still say he cries out turn one.

B: Well, that will have to remain to be seen. On to match two. This one is Michael S with Yu Jing versus Patrick M with Ariadna. Talk about two different sides of the track.
M: Indeed. Mike will bringing speed and mobility, while Patrick will be bringing numbers and firepower. I think it will really come down to Mike's use or not use of the Impetuous orders. If he gets caught out in the open with enough firepower, Patrick will take him down.
B: That's true Mark, but I think that Patrick will be hard pressed to keep up with Mike's speed. With a good mission pool Mike will have the upper hand. With a little bit of terrain luck, Patrick could be in a real tough place.
M: Looks like this one is up for debate, we will just have to see how it goes down.

M: Match three will be Nabors versus Paul. This is a Pan O versus Ariadna match.
B: This one looks to be hot. Nabors has been a loose contender for his entire Infinity career. He tend to bring a lot of guns to the fight, generally bringing down opponents with sheer weight of shots.
M: While that is near fact, I think that Paul is the one to watch in this match, Bob. He started out rough, but picks up more tricks with every passing game. He is a quick study, and quickly adapts his opponent's strategies to use as his own. His first match was against Nate. Nate used some rules that Paul had no idea even existed, but by game two, Paul was using them fluently. He was able to bring Patrick to a 4-4 draw on his second game. I expect him to climb the ranks very quickly.
B: Mark, clearly Nabors will have Paul's number though. He is by far the more experienced and has been watching Paul during his rise, and will be able to counter the simple tricks Paul is using.
M: I wouldn't call them simple, Bob. Paul remains my favorite for this match. But these next two contestants are a much closer pick.

B: Indeed, Bob. This is a Pan O versus Pan O match. Both of these guys had rough starts in the prelims, neither gaining a big W.
M: That is true Mark, but I do think one of them will walk away from this round with a win.
B: This game will be all about who scores the most points. I think whoever can get the most points will win this game.
M: Yes, Bob, that will be a deciding factor, but also, who can keep his opponent from getting more points will also stand a chance of winning.
B: Either way Bob, getting more points or keeping their opponent from getting more points, I do believe one of these guys will be able to take home the win.

M: Well, Bob, it looks like some hard matches ahead, and it is only round one of the scored events.
B: Indeed, Mark. And we still have three more rounds to go. At this point it is anyone's league.
M: Until next time, this is Mark.
B: And this is Bob.
M: Signing off for the Infinity League Report.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Nate for taking the brunt of this write up, as my opponent he took the most crap. Hope he is a good sport, and doesn't cry TOO much when I stomp his face. Also, the views and opinions expressed are mine and do not, necessarily, reflect the opinions of the Knights of the Gaming Table or their sponsors, though we are all jerks, so they may be similar.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Genghiscon XXXV

Another Con in the bag. The Tournament had 36 players out of 47 signed up. Best overall went to the power house Elizabeth Luben, Best Painted went to Eric Jung, Best General went to Richard Johnson, Best Sportsman went to Matt Vandenheever, Player's Choice went to Tulio Wolford.

After a late start due to selling out of tickets and having a 7 person wait list, and then having 11 registered players not show up, I think the tournament, as a whole, went fairly smoothly. We did have some problems with a few people conceding games, which is a problem I will have to look into, and I have to admit that I was completely unprepared for. Overall, I don't think it would have been a problem, except that one of the games was for first place. We also had a lemonade stand raffle for people who lost games, and that also caused some problems for players. I had thought it would be something fun for all the people who come to the tournament to play, and not really stand a chance of winning any of the big prizes, but it turned into a big thing for a player who won all his games, but didn't have the battle points to win the event, which meant he wasn't eligible for any prize support. I hadn't thought of door prizes as that important to the players at the top tables, and so it hadn't occurred to me that it would offend one of the player's so. The end result was that 4 players went 3-0, with one of them getting best general, and the other 3 not getting anything. I'm not sure if the player thought that a chance for a ~$100 box for taking it to the max was not as worth it as an entry into a drawing for a $10 gift card, or maybe some dice, but I guess it was.

So, a good event(from my perspective), but plenty of hitches and kinks. I think I may have to go back to a book start of 8:30, but an event start of 9:00, even though I get knocked for a late start then, too, at least that way I can mark it down to players not bothering to read their packs. Which are a lot of work, but whatever.

There are plenty more pictures of the event, and those can be expected probably later this week, but that is our photographer's baby.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Get ready. Well, get as ready as you can!

Actually, try not to think about it too much.

Okay, better just skip it entirely.

That's right kiddos, it's IRONMAN Painting Challenge time again! Starting Saturday, February 8th at 12:00 PM, the Knights and all welcome guests will be painting for MORE THAN 24 HOURS STRAIGHT!

Yeah, you read that right.

Bring your brushes, paints, lights, super-special helmets, pillows, and crack cocaine to the least advisable hobby event of the year. Get ready for delirium, constant irritating chatter, sleep deprivation, and belated procrastination.  What more could you ask for?

What more, you say?  How about a special guest?!

That's right, this Winter's IRONMAN Special Guest is NATE!! He'll be there to answer any and all of your painting and hobby questions.  Sorry.

The event will run from noon Saturday until we poke our own eyes out mid Sunday afternoon.
You were warned.