Sunday, September 25, 2011

Frontline Gamer's fantastic GW rant!

So, I've been at this for awhile.  I am a card carrying GW fanboy, but also a bit of a Grognard.  It is nearly a truism that we elder statesmen of the hobby rant and complain about Games Workshop while clutching our mid '90s White Dwarfs to our chest and continuing to shell out hundreds of dollars on little plastic mens while cursing under our breath.  Nothing I've read in quite a while (or perhaps ever) better summarizes why this happens more than this fantastic article from Frontline Gamer.  It is so good that I pretty much auto added him to our blog roll.  The article is about Games Workshop, the state of the hobby, and what was so glorious then, and so wrong now about GW.

For newbs and veterans alike...if you care about the hobby, or are just curious why us old guys are always complaining:


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What is a 'Fun Game'?

This is not a dissertation on why Malifaux is better than 40K or Warhammer or Warmahordes or Infinity or ... It is, but that's not what this is about. This is more of an open discussion on the difference between a 'fun' and a 'competitive' game. This all stems from a game of Malifaux I played against a player I would consider almost over competitive. He also makes it a point to tell everyone he only really likes to play 'fun games.' During our game he was getting a little over watchful of the distance I was moving, I was pretty sure I was short, but the threat I would pose would be enough. In the end I was short, but he had made it a thing, he said something about a 'fun game' and I said he had never played one. We worked it out that our definitions differed of 'fun game.' It led me to wonder if others also saw it differently.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Brother Condon Laments the SOB

Special Guest and veteran Witch Hunter Brother Condon is here with his thoughts on the White Dwarf Codex!

So I dont know if anybody has had the chance to check out the new SoB white dwarf codex, but... damn it sucks! Coming from a long time Witch Hunter player, let me just say.... SERIOUSLY?!!!?!! Just to clarify that I am not a total idiot, I wasn't expecting another Grey Knights 'dex out of a White Dwarf release, but I was expecting something written to at least succeed in the current 5th edition environment. There are a few neat "Gems" of coolness in this book, swimming in a olympic size swimming pool of mediocre! Lets start with the few neat things there are (because it will take less time).