Sunday, September 25, 2011

Frontline Gamer's fantastic GW rant!

So, I've been at this for awhile.  I am a card carrying GW fanboy, but also a bit of a Grognard.  It is nearly a truism that we elder statesmen of the hobby rant and complain about Games Workshop while clutching our mid '90s White Dwarfs to our chest and continuing to shell out hundreds of dollars on little plastic mens while cursing under our breath.  Nothing I've read in quite a while (or perhaps ever) better summarizes why this happens more than this fantastic article from Frontline Gamer.  It is so good that I pretty much auto added him to our blog roll.  The article is about Games Workshop, the state of the hobby, and what was so glorious then, and so wrong now about GW.

For newbs and veterans alike...if you care about the hobby, or are just curious why us old guys are always complaining:


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