KOGT Club Events Schedule

Knights of the Gaming Table meets regularly on Saturdays in the "Dungeon" game room (lower level) of the HobbyTown USA in Fort Collins, CO.  The gameroom is open from 10am to 7pm, with extended open gaming hours stretching into the night most weekends.

Here is our monthly gaming and event schedule:

1st Saturday of the month: Open gaming  Noon-7 with Late night painting from 7pm until ?
2nd Saturday: Open Gaming
3rd Saturday: Open Gaming during the day / Dark Heresy-Deathwatch-Rogue Trader 40K RPG 7:30-1am
4th Saturday: Open Gaming
5th Saturday:  Warhammer 40K APOCALYPSE

KOGT also hosts special events such as tournaments, grow leagues, demos of new systems, and instructional seminars related to the hobby.  Information about these special events can be found on the main knightsftc.blogspot.com front page.
HobbyTown is located at:

HobbyTown USA
The Square Shopping Center
3500 S. College Ave., Ste. #17&18
Fort Collins