Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bizarre Bazaar!

DOUBLE EDIT: Okay, this time I really really actually have the correct date for this.  It has been moved to the 30th, and will take the place of Apocalypse...
EDIT: I posted this yesterday with the wrong date, the date I posted conflicted with the Malifaux final tournament.  The correct date is Saturday the 16th!


Saturday, June30th
12:00 - 6:00
Hobbytown USA Basement/KOGT Dungeon
3500 S. College Ave.
Ft Collins, CO 80525

Saturday the 16th, Knights of the Gaming Table will host a "Bizarre Bazaar".  This is an event GW used to throw pretty regularly, but since they haven't sponsored one in a while, we're taking over!

What is this event?  Well, basically, it is a miniature hobby swap meet.  Bring stuff you want to get rid of (related to the hobby) by trade or sale, and come to hustle.  Not using those 2nd edition Orks?  Trade them for Tau! (or don't...)

There will be refreshments, madcappery, and A THUNDER ARMOR MARINE Speed Paint contest.  Yes, I will be giving away FREE Thunder Armor Mareenz.  (Editor's Note: Basically, this whole event is just a pathetic excuse for DB to show off his collection of stuff from 1993 that no one can afford to buy or trade for.)


There is a new game in town. OK, so its and old game with a new following. Behold, Blood Bowl. Currently, there are four or five us looking at getting into the game. I already have a Norse team that is converted up and sitting on my painting table. Word on the street is that Patrick is putting together a Human team(which managed to know FIVE of my guys into the casualty box the last time we played. I still won though), Troy is looking into Lizardmen, Shaffer has a box of Dark Elves, though not sure if he will be playing them, and Nate has a little of everything.
So, if you have any interest in the game at all, come on down, give it a whirl, grab a box of the Fantasy army of your choice, do like the rest of us, and make them Blood Bowl teams.
Also, if anyone is looking to take the conversion route in, I am more than willing to help out wherever I can.

Monday, May 21, 2012

June Flyers Confirmed Today

Well hey thar folks!

According to retailer announcements sent this morining...the long rumoured, long awaited "Summer of Flyers" is here.  The WD rules article for June will contain flyer rules, and the first wave of minis sees the leaked Marine Stormtalon and Ork Bomma kits, plus a necron flyer.  Neato!  The announcement is below:

Have at it in the forums!
-Dark Brotherhood
     Here are the new releases for June. Items in red are ATO only. Also June's WD contains a 40k Rules expansion for using flyers. So if you've sold out of rules issues in the past, this one is going to be the same deal.

Short Code Product Name Contents D Release USD

49-15 Necron Night Scythe/Doom Scythe 1 Fig Box 2-Jun-12 $45.50

50-21 Ork Bommer 1 Fig Box 2-Jun-12 $45.50

48-36 Space Marine Stormtalon Gunship 1 Fig Box 2-Jun-12 $45.50

89-12 Goblin Shaman 1 Fig Clampack 16-Jun-12 $9.90

89-13 Savage Orc Big Boss 1 Fig Clampack 16-Jun-12 $14.00

Monday, May 14, 2012

Knights' Chronicles

Another weekend has flown by. Pretty easy weekend down in the hole, everyone seemed pretty layed back. Might have had something to do with many nursing hangovers from the night before. Several doing it from home, lazy bastards. Still, the games were definitely rolling. Both Malifaux and 40K saw several games each. There was also a board game that made a surprise apperance.

Nate brought along his Blood Bowl. An interesting game, and despite Nate's and mine good natured hate filled rivalry, I do believe I will be playing it again. I am already working on a Khemri team, with ideas rolling around for a club Norse Team, created from the kindly donation of a dirty thief. Could a custom Pitch be in the works? Maybe!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Knights' Chronicles

Normally, I jump on here, write up what everyone was playing, that things were super fun, and those of you that didn't make it sorely missed out. While all that was true, I want to write today about the awesome that happened after hours. That awesome is Deathwatch and Dark Heresy!