Sunday, March 20, 2011

Painting Challenge

Yesterday, the first Feast of Blades tournament was brought a close. Gryphon's took home the banner and the honours, curse them to the nine hells. No, congratulations to Adam and to the Gryphon's club. But that's not what I want to talk about today, today I want to talk about something that I never thought would happen. I doubt I was alone in my beliefs either. What happened? What was this profound event, that may have changed the course of the universe? Well, I guess you will have to read on.

I'll give you a sec to recover.

Good? OK, let us continue.
Yes, its true. Troy's Tyranid army was completely painted for this event. He even managed to get some wings for his Tyrant(with some mad scientist action, and no sleep). His army has been mostly painted and in kinda bad condition, since before my time. He has, in the last week or so, fixed all the damage, improved the scheme, and just generally put together an outstanding looking army. Now, if only I could get him to put in some effort on his bases...
Finally, all the hounding Michael and I have been giving him has worn him down. No? Well, it must be he was jealous of how awesome MY army looks. No, again?
What truly did it was that, Troy finally had a deadline to paint his force. In the past few months both of Troy's forces have come a long way towards completion, solely because he had a deadline that he felt the need to meet. His Lizardmen saw work heading up to Genghiscon and now Feast of Blades has put his 'Nids on track. I, personally, have done tons of work preparing for an event. A make or break deadline is huge to getting an army painted.
But, why do we have to have tournaments to paint our armies, some players never enter tournaments. We don't.
The benefit tournaments have is that they set a date AND make it important to you that your army is painted. Its the immovable goal. There is no pushing it off, there is no saying well, I'll get my guys MOSTLY painted instead of finished. Some one else is the judge of completion.
I think I have gone on plenty(and likely then some) about setting deadlines and getting it done. Besides, its the same on a hundred articles on a hundred sites. What I want to do is challenge all of you. I am going to start a painting challenge thread over on the forums. I want everyone to set some goals, then together we can all set a date. On the date we all set, everyone brings the stuff they said they would do. ALL OF IT! If it isn't done, don't care, its comes too. Then we all look at what you didn't do, while showing off our own shame.
So, get over there. Show us what you can do!

CW, rollin' dice!

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