Friday, April 1, 2011

Never say 'die'.

     At what point do you call it?  When do you say enough is enough, shake hands, and walk away?
Me? Long after I should, if at all.

     We have all (I hope I'm not alone) had that game where its just wasn't going our way. Maybe a bad dice roll, or lots of 'em, or a stupid mistake that just set us back. Way back, with little or no hope of winning left before us. Maybe we could get the draw, but even that seems to fade. I've had more than a share of them myself. I have even played a few from the other side. I have had games were I was sure it was over...I should take it with grace, and stop making my opponent go through the motions... only to turn it around and take the win.

      Or is surrender the answer?  Recently I have had the "pleasure" of being on the other side. It doesn't really rock to have your opponent do the hand shake of shame. Is it in the best interest of your opponent to cut their game short, because you feel its over? If your opponent sees it differently, and does not believe they have the win in their pocket, then you are taking a close fought game from them. Is it situational, where a tournament game is played until time is called, and a friendly game can just be wiped clean and started over?  My current Chaos Space Marine army has a tendency to take a severe beating in the opening turns, only to give one out in the end, bringing me the win. I have had observers comment on how I was finished, and 4 turns later all I want to do is waltz over and shove my win in their face (thankfully I have refrained... so far). Those first turns are rough though, many times I have felt like throwing in the towel.

     Warhammer Fantasy is like this a lot. I have seen the tables swing quickly and incredibly in many games, games that one player almost quits because of a bad turn. I have taken part in several, swinging for me and against. In Fantasy, it pays to keep playing. In 40K, there are games where I turn to the draw. When I can't win any more, and the only hope is a draw, not letting my opponent win is my goal. Doesn't seem very sportsman like... Is this when I should quit, or at the bitter end, when I know I can't do anything, or when time or turns run out?

     It is a question I do not have an answer to, I'm afraid.  I can only state what I would do. In tournaments, its to the end. You work for every point you get from me. I cling to every bonus point, moral victory, or petty action I can lay my grubby hands on.  In friendly play, it is a little less black and white. It depends on the opponent. If I am not enjoying myself, I tend to subconsciously throw the game, in hopes that it will end. Not so much when I am losing, but just not having a good opponent. These I should probably surrender, ending my pain, but I don't wish to have a negative effect on my opponent, so I persevere. Other games, its just more face beating, still I persevere, in hopes of grabbing anything. Very seldom do I call any game, even then, its unlikely before turn 5. Its not that I'm afraid to lose, I don't enjoy it, but I have come to a point where I can accept it. I have played far to many games for a good long while to be phased by a lose.  A bad game, yes, but a good game that I lose, that's no biggy. It is a game after all.

So, when do you call it quits? Or, like me, do you ever?

CW, rollin' dice.

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