Monday, April 4, 2011

Its GO time!

Time to set your mind to the task. That guy over there, he ain't so tough. That army is unbeatable... psh, as if. That uber-unit: it's LUNCH TIME!
It's time to look at what you know, and what you think.

Ah, young grasshopper, once again you have climbed the mountain of knowledge to learn at the feet of enlightenment. Well, all I have to tell you is that you are wrong. A bit harsh, I know, but it's true. Not about everything, just some things. It may be from experience, it may be from hearsay, but we all carry around "knowledge" that is not known, only thought. These conceptions bend us to their will, misleading our strategy, and twisting our game play, until what we thought becomes what is, and our wins become our losses.

My task today is to get you to think about what you know and what you think before every game, accepting what you know, and discarding what you think. "Death Company are an unstoppable unit that can't be beat, and will tear my army to shreds" is a thought. "Those Death Company have jump packs, rage, and a mean left hook" is knowledge. If you fear something you give it power. I started playing against a Space Wolves player (a long time ago). One day he brought to the table a Dreadnought. It trashed my army. For many games after, I spent way to much time focusing all my fire power on it, trying in vain to kill it. "That dread will wreck my shop" is what I thought, "that dread has short range weapons, a mean left hook, and only moves 6" a turn" is what I knew. When I made peace with what I knew and discarded what I thought, the Dread didn't give me trouble anymore. It just took to long to get to me. Mind you it wasn't a long range dread, it was a close combat dread, so I could just wait for it.

My current favorite unit that is overpowered is the Doom of Malantai. Thought: "The Doom's power is way to strong, it will wreck my army, gain too many wounds to kill, and become too strong to stop."  Know: "The Doom's power will ugly up my army, but not likely kill it, I'm leadership 10. The Doom will gain wounds almost to fast for my torrent of fire to kill it.  It is only toughness 4."  The Doom will drop in, generally wreaking havoc on my units, as I tend to make a nice tight box. The most wounds it can do is 8, and usually I get a 4+ save against it, either from cover or invulns. Then I have 13 strength 8 AP something weapons with which to kill it outright. I generally instant death it, and then turn the rest of my firepower else where. It's just not a problem for me.  If I kept to what I thought, I would pile all my fire power into it, trying to remove those 10 wounds it always seems to have, wasting a turn on it. Instead I kill it and move on.

What you think does not always mean something you give too much power to, it could be something you don't give enough power to. A large part of the community talks about how brutal Lash can be, and yes my army has the ability to take advantage of what my Slaanesh Prince can do, but he is not my power Prince. My power Prince is the one with Warptime. The Slaanesh one's purpose is less to set you up for templates, and more to put you where my Tzeentch Prince wants you. My Slaanesh Prince also makes a nice target that my Tzeentch Prince used to be.
If your opponent has a unit, is it likely for a reason. It may be because they only have so many models, and they are playing with all they have. But, it could also be because they are using some devious plan that has some forgotten unit as a linchpin. Don't dismiss a unit because of what you think, accept what you know, and play with that.

So, grasshopper, have you the knowledge to forget what you think and accept what you know?  Do you know what you think I just said? Before every game, before every move, break down what it is in your head into what you know, and what you think. Use what you know to reconcile what you think with what you can use, and what you can forget. Forget what can slow you, accept what can hurt you, and use what you know to win, not letting what you think lose the game.
And stop playing Capture and Control for the tie! Sheesh!

CW, rollin' dice, and thinking what he knows he thought.

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