Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Colorado Mini Painter's Alliance - NEW WEBSITE!

Our friends at the Colorado Miniature Painters Alliance (COMPA for short) have a new home on the interwebs!  For those of you who don't know, the COMPA is a
loose organization of painters from across the state and features some of the best miniature artists in the country; boasting such brush licking luminaries as Michael Proctor, Liliana Troy, and Jen Kaufman to name a few.
The fine folks at the MPA have moved from yahoo groups (yuck) over to sweet new wordpress powered digs at!

Painted by Michael Proctor

The COMPA has been hosting and judging Denver's Ghengis and Tacticon miniature painting contests, and providing the classes as well.  If you've taken any of them, you already know...and if you don't know, well...swing on over and check out the website.  While it is, like this very site, still in its infancy, you're going to want to bookmark it.  Rest assured this will be one of the hot secret (or not so secret) destinations for the online minis community.  

Painted by Liliana Troy

The site is set up for news, a discussion forum, a gallery, and articles and tutorials about the miniature painting hobby.  I'm excited to see grow.  Go there now!  And don't forget the KoGT roadtrip to Attactix for the COMPA meetup on May 14th.

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