Monday, April 11, 2011

The Art of Board Control

I have recently picked up Malifaux(who'd of guessed, right?) and I've been listening to podcasts and reading the forums, generally feeding my gamer ocd. One crew I have heard a lot about is the Dreamer. The Dreamer's main trick is burying his nightmares(basically taking them out of play), moving off somewhere else, and bringing his crew back in. There is more to it than that, but this brought up a point that I see in several games, Board Control.

Sadly, this isn't as much a tactics article on gaining board control, as just a general, what to do when you see it. Writing tactics is far to diverse for so many systems, that I wouldn't stand a chance, but I can bring up a few points.

Mobility. Mobility is generally a good sign of a board control list. As stated above with the Dreamer, and other crews like Collette, Warmachine armies like Cryx(from what I've heard), Eldar and Dark Eldar, and armies and systems I haven't thought of, all use mobility to win their games(at least in part).

Ranged threat. These armies have a lot of long range fire power, which can threaten the entire board. IG and to some extent Tau(the whole board except where they are sitting) tend to go this route. Board control with these armies are a little more difficult, but still a possibility.

Opponent control. I know there are some in Warmahordes, but not which ones. In Malifaux there are a few crews that can make their opponents models move. Putting your opponent's models where you want them is the definition of board control.

How do you combat board control? The monkey wrench. When armies that rely on assault or shooting or whatever come after you, they generally have another unit that does the same thing to fill any gaps you make. Board control armies tend to fray if that control is lost. Don't let them fray you first. With mobility, lock them down. Stop what makes them move or box them in. With fire power over load them with targets, make every choice bad. If they fail target priority, and spread their fire, they won't be killing what needs dead. Also, only giving them sacrificial targets, while you other stuff moves up behind can be just as frustrating. With control abilities, you need to negate them, move out of range, move tougher to control units in first. Set up the control element, so you can remove it. A good push or throw can put that one unit in a bad place. When you have them on the ropes be ready. Don't focus on what they did to you the past 4 turns, end it when the opening arrives.

How do you combat control? Or are you the controller? If so, what do you dislike seeing or can't wait for your opponent to try, so you can make them pay?

CW, force pushing dice.

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