Friday, April 15, 2011

Not your father's meta!

The interwebs are full of the meta-massives. The armies and builds that are sweeping the country. And I have no fear of them!

Because I am THAT awesome. OK, so not really. The honest truth is that they are like the strange creatures you see on the discovery channel, running wild in some far off habitat, but never really see in your back yard. I have some how insinuated myself into a club that doesn't use web lists and even seems to detest them.
Leafblower- not really.
Long fang spam- nope.
Decent of Angels- nope.
Dark Angels- nope.
Razor spam- at a tournament... once.
IG rocking tourneys- only a handful even appear, and half of those come from my club.
Space Wolves owning the top- maybe, can't see those tables from here.
Vanilla Marines being left at home for the flavored codexes- I play almost nothing but at the cons(I have played 1 necron player).
So, while I believe the concept of Meta is very real, I just see a different one. I see Space Marines... Everywhere... Even in my dreams.
As a divergance from my normal text wall, I want to open the comments to you, what do you see way to much of?

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