Monday, August 1, 2011

Apocalypse 7-30-11

We just had our second Apocalypse game on the new fifth week schedule, and it was awesome!
Tau won of course, let's face it, they are just TOO awesome.
Here are the shots:
The Tau, Grey Knights, and Space Marines

Dual 'Nids

And the Imperial Guard in the middle.(I'm sure they will be fine *smirk*)

The Tyranids went full offensive, with twin attack of a horde crossing the bridge intent on IG blood and a deep striking force coming up on the far conglomerate table for points. IG set up for a pure defensive stance, hoping to stop any forces from making from one side of their territory to the other. The Tau and Space Marines set a defensive force in their territory while sending elements deep striking along with the entire Grey Knights deep into the Tyranid zone. In the end, while heavily depleted in their home zone, the combined force was able to win the day. IG made a strong showing, stopping all foot traffic, and holding their own table. The Tyranids left dead enemies strewn across all three tables. Thank goodness it wasn't kill points.

See you all at the next one in October!

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