Saturday, August 20, 2011

Iron Man Painting Challenge 3!

Next Saturday, August 27th, Hobbytown Fort Collins and the Knights of the Gaming Table will host its 3rd IRON MAN PAINTING CHALLENGE! Iron Man is a two day event where participants attempt to paint as many models as they can or crank out the highest quality minis they can or both! It is a grueling, brush-hand-cramping marathon of painterliness, and there are prizes!

How does it work? Simply, starting Saturday morning at the 10 am check-in time, bring in your $7.00 entry fee (which pays for refreshments and stuff) and as many unpainted models as you like. Throughout the day until 2 a.m., paint like the wind! Then it starts all over again Sunday morning, from 10 - 4, with judging to follow.

Models may be assembled and primed at check-in, but can have no other paint on them in order to qualify for entry (colored primer is acceptable). The event is judged on a sliding scale between quality of models painted and quantity, so three amazing models can beat 40 three-color slopped together dudes, if they are good enough!

You'll laugh, you'll cry, your hand will fall off. See you there!

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