Monday, December 19, 2011

State of the club

I run "state of" articles over on my blog, and got to thinking I could do something similar here. I will likely change the name, but these articles will be a bit of a chronicle of the going ons for the club.

This last Saturday we had not the usual one, but three simultaneous games. Armies included Space Marines, Tyranids, Grey Knights, and TWO Tau armies. A couple newer players stopped by from Estes and several regulars dropped by. There was even a game of Malifaux.

After hours brought Deathwatch. After a brief fight in space with a limping craft, the group headed to the surface to try and save the Knights Errant's Chapter Master. After a dizzying Land Speeder flight through mine tunnels, the team made it the last little way to the entrance to the hive on foot. Unfortunately, a Dreadnaught stood in the way. While the team was able to defeat it, it didn't come with out a cost, as one of their own was laid low by the metal monster.

I hope to you all next weekend, but if I don't, have a merry Christmas or Emperor's day or whatever it is you plan to celebrate.

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