Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Confessions of a Brushlicker: Because they said I couldn't...

Hello all!

Dark Brotherhood here.  I have been eating paint for a loooong time, and in that time, I have painted armies poorly, well, slowly, medium name it.  But lately, I have been painting EXTRA slow, working on techniques, instruction of others, single figure and small group stuff.  I recently took 1st in Unit at Ghengis Con Denver with my Space Hulk dudes, which I have been painting SINCE THE DAMNED GAME CAME OUT!



That's 9 dudes in 4 years, if you are keeping track.

But the one thing I haven't really tried to do is speed paint an entire army.

And because they said I couldn't do it, and because Tacticon is coming up, and because my Farsight Spam list is undefeated currently, I have decided to paint my Tau army in 70 days. Here is one of the color schemes:

I painted these dudes and their 8 buddies in a week. They are
1.primed with Tamiya Fine Surface grey,
2.washed in ice blue and wolf grey made into a wash
3.Overhead sprayed with GW white primer
4. Airbrushed with Parma Faschange red

Those steps take about an hour total

5. Edge highlighted in white
6. black detail added.

At this pace, I think I can whip out the rest of the dudes (drones and Pathfinders) next week.
The visual theme of the army is "Imperial Koi fish"  like the white, orange, and black Japanese karp.
Some units and/or suits will be black, white or orange, and vehicles will be digicamoed in a splotchy, koi-like scheme.

The hard thing for me is learning to let go of anal-retentiveness and trust that I know enough about techniques and tricks to make a great looking army without taking an eternity.
Wish me luck, I'm going in.
-Dark Brotherhood

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