Monday, April 2, 2012

Knights' Chronicles

Could we get any more games going? Why, yes we can, but just barely. I am afraid that the general club MO is starting to die a slow death. No longer do we have one game with 20 people standing around it, now we have 4 or 5 games going at once, with only a few players standing around watching. Could this be the legacy of skirmish? Could games like Infinity and Malifaux actually make more people play? Nah, its something else, because 40K is still alive and strong, and Fantasy is in there somewhere, too.

See! I told you 40K was still there. Not only that, but....

An Apocalypse game sprung up as well, with 4500 points of Necrons versus 'Nids. The Tyranids won, with the Hierophant trumping the Necron Pylon.

And of course, Malifaux is still running strong, with players getting in their final tier 2 games in before everything is tabulated.

We even had visitors from Haunted Game Cafe come down to check us out. One of these guys also play Leveticus. Which one? I will give you a hint, its the guy NOT lamenting the sever stomping he just received.
Catch you all next week!

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