Monday, April 23, 2012

Knights' Chronicles

Another week done and gone, but wait, what could this be? Are those painted Genestealers from a Space Hulk set? Could it be it? It must! There are two people who have unpainted Space Hulk sets, and the other one brought his in to paint.

Nope, those are ACTUALLY Shaffer's Space Hulk Genestealers, finally getting the love they deserve. And they are looking awesome. They still have a bit more work before they are finished, but they are moving forward. WOOO!

That isn't all that went on down in the hole. Malifaux, of course, made a showing. How could it not, it is just the best game ever! There was also some two on two 40K action, with the IG/Grey Knight army beating the Tyranid/Chaos army. I know, shocker right. You think they could of broken up the OP armies.

Finally, the night finished out with some Dark Heresy and Deathwatch, with the parties from both systems finally meeting, and converging, to confront Huron. After Arsenic declares war, Huron finally agrees to peace talks. With members from both groups going to meet Huron on an abandoned asteroid station. As talks began, things became heated. While the humans tried to calm things, the Space Marines continued to bicker, until, just as Chaos began to attack, the Space Wolf rune priest unleashed hell, stopping all talks, and cutting Huron's force in half, just as the true enemy descended. Can the forces of the Imperium and Succession put aside their deferences to stop this new threat? Will rescue come in time? Will Wraith, unarmed, be able to get out of this? We will all have to wait two weeks for the next exciting episode.

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