Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tacticon Prep RTT: Round 1

Over the weekend, the Knights hosted a 3 round 40K tourney, using scenarios we are tinkering with for Tacticon. I was TO and felt it went rather well. We had a great group of guys come up from Colorado Springs. We had 9 players, though, if some people could work an alarm, we may have had 11 or 12. We are running another one on the 17th, and hope to have an even better turn out. If we can get 10 players, I would like to add a best painted or players choice into the mix. Sorry, no sports, its to hard to judge when you play your opponent every week. "Would you play this guy again?" "Do I have a choice"... On to the results.

1st Matt(Tyranids): 59 points
2nd Jason(Daemons): 42 points
3rd Shaffer(Tau): 42 points(with a by)

Read on for pictures of the rounds.
Round 1

Jason vs Nabors

Angels(Payton) vs Angels(Josh)(Blood and Dark)

Matt vs Shane

Tulio vs Shea

Round 2(I dropped the ball here, playing in a by game, I didn't get pictures until late)

Shea vs Payton

Matt vs Jason(Clean up, Josh and Tulio already finished in foreground)

Shane vs Shaffer

Nabors in his by game versus me

Round 3

Matt vs Tulio for all the cookies
Bloodiest match all day, it was ugly

Shea vs Jason

Shaffer vs Payton

Nabors vs Josh

Shane's by game versus Patrick

Thanks again to everyone who came. Michael Shaffer will be running the Aug 17th event, so I hope to see you all across the table. Preferably with a smug grin on my face, and less of a whipped dog look.

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